sparking creativity through visual thinking
  • Graphic recording keeps people engaged in the ideas that emerge.

  • Working visually helps people see the big picture, make connections and think differently.

  • Understanding happens when people are creatively engaged.

  • Create a visual sustainability plan that is engaging and easily shared.

  • Use compelling images to engage your audience and move them to action.

See how NOAA brought policy to life with graphic recording

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration used visual thinking to engage the audience in understanding NOAA's role in shaping ocean policy and inspiring others to act.

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"Draw out" your attendees with visual thinking
Visual Thinking

Visual thinking leverages our brain’s visual capacity to see the big picture, make connections and spur innovation. You experience an explosion of participation and commitment as people see their ideas emerge.

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Engage your team in creating a sustainability plan that works!
Sustainability Planning

Planning is an essential part of making things happen but moving from paper to action can be challenging! Engage your sustainability team in creating a visual plan that bridges the gap between planning and change!

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