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Here’s what others are saying:

Claire is a consummate professional. I have witnessed her interactions with clients and fellow consultants on several occasions. Her warm personality coupled with her skill in graphic recording add much value to every engagement.

– Timothy Corey
Principal, Colibri Facilitation

I enjoy working with Claire because she’s got a remarkable combination of technical talent, intuitive intelligence about group process, and an easy, fun grace about her.  She’s an absolute delight to work with, and her materials are always top-notch.  I unhesitatingly recommend Claire for any time you want to capture what you’re talking about in a beautiful and meaningful way.

Claire’s ability to create compelling visuals has enabled our group to think better in a way that’s deeper, more innovative, more actionable. She’s a tremendous asset.

– Anthony L. Back, MD
Oncologist, educator &
VitalTalk Convener

Claire was a pleasure to work with. She brought a wealth of knowledge and a pleasant manner to conversations we had leading up to the conference. She skillfully asked questions, gave input and listened as we determined the purpose and long-term use of the graphic recordings. The graphic recordings she created were truly a work of art, capturing the essence of the conference. As a finishing touch Claire created a pamphlet from the recordings, summarizing the conference. We sent one to each conference participant. I received numerous positive comments on the quality and usefulness of the pamphlet. I highly recommend Claire.

– Tim Tabor, Portland Public Schools, Systems Thinking in Schools

About me:

Capturing ideas during a plenary panel discussion.

Capturing ideas during a plenary panel discussion.

This is where I am supposed to convince you that I have something special. Yes, I can draw, use color, be creative, engage others, design wonderful events that use powerful visual thinking and creative engagement tools. What I believe and have witnessed, is that we all have this innate creative spark, meaning that we all have that something special. I believe this is why people respond so well to working visually. It connects them to their spark and this ignition makes us pay attention, retain information, make meaning from it and change.

Experience has taught me that we all know “the spark” when we see it. The spark is the twinkle in the eye, the joy of “ah-ha,” the feeling of flow. This spark is the part that makes us all human. My job is to help you bring that out in others so that they can learn, plan, create, dialogue and collaborate more effectively.

If you need to move ideas forward and people to action, I have the visual skills to help. Whether it takes the form of designing visual facilitation into your event or creating the perfect print piece, we can collaborate to create something that truly knocks it out of the park!

I bring more than 25 years of diverse experience, including teaching a wide array of topics, promoting sustainability and conservation, visual facilitation and graphic design. Woven through it all is helping people see things from a new perspective and act on that awareness.

The Linked In icon at the top of this page takes you to my profile, which will give you a detailed sense of my background.

But enough about me, I want to hear about you: your work, dreams for the future and how we can work together to make your ideas flourish. What ignites your spark?