sparking creativity through visual thinking

about working visually

Key learnings from a workshop of concurrent sessions where synthesized and shared with all for cross-pollination of ideas.

Key learnings from a workshop of concurrent sessions where synthesized and shared with all for cross-pollination of ideas.

About visual thinking:

Does your work have you bringing together diverse groups of people to learn, create shared futures, plan for them or have important conversations?

Do you struggle with finding ways to:

  • capture the ideas that emerge and keep people engaged in them
  • use creative processes to spur engagement and innovative thinking?
  • building teams that are focused, satisfying and whose members are committed to follow through?

Now imagine that your next event is celebrated as seminal, memorable and inspiring for your attendees and that they eagerly anticipate the next one. Or that your team comes together quickly, people are engaged and committed to getting the work done over the long haul.

What’s the conversation you want to capture? What are the ideas you want to spark?

If you share any of these goals, I can help. I specialize in applying the power of visual thinking and creative engagement tools to allow people in seeing the big picture, making new connections, and creating innovative solutions. I have used these tools in a wide variety of settings including conferences, corporate board meetings, think tanks, community building workshops, public meetings, and many more.

Visual thinking tools will help you:
  • Learn together and remember more
  • Develop high-performance teams
  • Create strategic plans that engage
  • Build a vision and the bridge to get there
  • And much more…

It always amazes me what great ideas my clients have to use these tools. Often I feel like I am merely the hands to express their vision and creativity. It reminds me over and over how much stronger we are when we collaborate well. I invite you to look over the visual facilitation, sustainability planning and visual communication sections here to see how others have used visual thinking to move their work forward. What ideas come your mind?

Let’s take a test ride: Seeing is believing. Experience is the best way to understand the benefits of visual thinking. Get in touch by phone or email and I’ll show you what it’s all about. Together we’ll see how we can apply visual thinking to your unique situation and you will see what I mean.

PS: If you are drawn to visual thinking, you are not alone!

This field is expanding and creating new ways of applying this practice all the time using digital tools, animation & more. Learn how people like you are achieving success by using the power of visual thinking:

The International Forum of Visual Practitioners Our trade group for this fun and creative tribe. You a fine group of people!

The Grove International Consultants Pioneers in the field of visual practice and creators of the Team Performance Model and the Strategic Visioning Planning System, tools I use all the time! (I have been called a “Grove junkie”, true!)

Visual Meetings, Visual Teams and Visual Leaders by David Sibbet  Thank you David, for sharing your decades of experience (and you look so young!)

“Back of the Napkin” and “Blah, Blah, Blah, What to do when words don’t work” by Dan Roam And he does it all with basic shapes and stick figures. Rock on Dan!

“The Graphic Facilitators Guide” by Brandy Agerbeck is an excellent resource for all the skills you need to do this work. Brandy generously shares her experience of over 15 years in this practice. Practical, illuminating and fun!

Please call or email me through the contact page and let’s get going on how we can put visual thinking to work for you!