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sustainability planning

The business case steps helps your team create a shared vision for WHY this is important that you can easily share with others.

Create a visual sustainability plan that works!

If your organization wants to pursue sustainability or is already on the path, a sustainability plan is key to setting priorities and tracking your progress. But sustainability planning can be wonkish, dreary and overly analytical. AXIS Performance Advisors developed a systematic and practical process for doing sustainability planning, documented in their book, The Step by Step Guide to Sustainability Planning. They also provide with their training a management system using Excel spreadsheets called the Sustainability Planning and Reporting Kit or SPaRK™.

We worked with AXIS to make this process even more engaging and effective by applying visual facilitation techniques, developing a visual template for each step in the process.

Benefits of visual thinking:
  • taps into your team’s innate creativity,
  • the process of building your plan fun and engaging
  • captures the group’s work in front of them.
  • produces a visual representation of decisions which can be used to communicate to others.

It’s a participatory process that builds commitment to seeing the plan accomplished. Best of all, the visual maps create a plan that’s easily shared, easily adapted and engaging for others.

This is not planning as usual!

SPaRK™  lays out 6 key steps to create a meaningful plan. View the gallery to see the visual thinking templates used to capture the team’s work. Which of these steps has your team completed? Are there specific issues that your team needs to address ? This system is flexible: we can facilitate one step for you or the entire process. And your visual plan will be easily adapted as efforts progress.

Sharing the visual plan is easy. Posting the maps in common spaces and distributing them digitally to the wider organization will help everyone understand what the sustainability path looks like for your organization and how they can join.

The Results:

• A clear business case for pursuing sustainability.
• An engaging, shared vision for a sustainable future.
• A visual plan that is ready to share with others.
• A focused and committed team.
• A dynamic, adaptive way to move  your team from words to action.

visual sustainability planning method - gallery of templatesFinding your opportunitiesCreating a shared visioinWhat will you measure?Backcasting to build a planWhat exisisting management systems can we work within?

visual sustainability planning method – gallery of templates

The SPaRK method helps you create a visual sustainability plan that:

  • Engages your team and builds team performance.
  • Captures data that Is easily shared with others.
  • Takes planning from words to action.

Start where you are: Which part of the sustainability path are you on right now?

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