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Telling your story: Visual Communication can help

You do amazing work. Now it’s time to communicate your story in a compelling way. Do you struggle with:

  • Where to start with developing a creative solution that makes your work stand out?
  • Knowing a print method that’s earth-friendly and cost-effective?
  • How to move your audience to action today, and in the months ahead?

Imagine your next visual communication project comes together with ease. Your chosen audience is overjoyed and responds to your ask with gusto. Your work to reduce print costs also resulted in a lower carbon footprint, a fact you can promote in your publication.

I can help you achieve this outcome. Together we can create the strategic piece that is tailored to the people who need to know about your work. This might come in the form of a formal printed report, poster, an interactive PDF, a story map or a movie. Get in touch and let’s talk about how we can creatively and effectively tell your story.

Below are some samplings from other clients to spark your ideas.
Salmon Chanted Evening posterEvent bannerHope takes flight event artworkRestoration signageRainforest awareness poster


Posters are a brilliant way to tell your story and can successfully:

  • Engage people through evocative imagery.
  • Convey your message quickly, in an easy-to-display format.
  • Invite your audience to reflect personally.

What's more, poster artwork can be shaped into many other pieces as part of a visual communication campaign.



Logos can simply and artistically communicate your values and principles. A strong logo is clean, unique, memorable and accurately represents what you stand for. Consider a logo when you want to:

  • Create a buzz about your work.
  • Stand out from others who do the same work.
  • Build a strong brand presence that leads to audience action.

The process of creating a logo will also help clarify your vision and values. As a result, you can promote your work more effectively, both now and in the future.

reports and brochuresNatureConservancyfieldguide_ClaireBronson_Page_2Field Guide to SustainabilityAnnual Report – The Nature ConservancyBAN_AnnualReport_10_060611_Page_01

reports and brochures

Compelling print publications move people to action. Learn how you can:

  • Honor different learning preferences with multiple entry points into your story and each desired action.
  • Reduce your environmental footprint and save money simultaneously.
  • Encourage recipients to retain inspiring, well-designed pieces that they can return to again and again.