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Visual tools that ignite, engage and mobilize action

Claire capturing ideas at Dell Computer's small business think tank, copyright Fit to Tweet

Claire capturing ideas at Dell Computer’s small business think tank, copyright Fit to Tweet

You’ve invested a lot of time and money bringing a group of people together to learn, create shared visions, plan for that future and collaborate. Why not ensure attendees get the most from this experience by adding visual tools to make sure it’s time well-spent?

Visual thinking tools leverage our brain’s large visual capacity to see the big picture, make connections and spur innovation. We remember about 15% of what we hear and 65% of what we see. Working visually combines the two for greater understanding, clarity and recall. As John Medina in Brain Rules says, visual trumps all senses.

You can use these tools with groups and individuals to make complex ideas simple, build engagement and reach decisions.

Below are some common ways that my clients have used my services to engage and inspire their workshops, meetings or conferences. In what way might the power of visual thinking help you achieve your goals for bringing your people together?
strategic visioning™

strategic visioning™

Strategic Visioning™ was created by the visual pioneers at The Grove Consultants International. This highly participatory method is used by organizations to:

  • Build high performance teams that practice organizational learning.
  • Develop a shared understanding of the current reality in order to imagine a desired future.
  • Create a plan that bridges the gap between present and future..
graphic facilitationMaking sure youth are heardTNC coastal resilience meeting templateTable top templatesStrategic Visioning Planning System

graphic facilitation

Graphic facilitation shows a team their work as it emerges. Process design and templates are used to make this happen. This helps the group:

  • Build team collaboration skills by acknowledging and expanding on each person's contributions helping people see they are heard and build upon their work.
  • Create shared understandings as your team co-creates a visual map.
  • Make ideas more tangible by enabling teams to see, touch and share work.
Illustrating Ocean NOP for the National Oceans and Atmospheric AdministrationWhidbeyBioneers_ClaireBronsonGeographyofBliss_Happiness2012_c2bdesign.comGo Local – Seattle  #smallbizseattleKevinKampschoer_ISSPConference_ClaireBronsonlocalenergyconvergence_casestudies_013012_ClaireBronsonBillGrace_OSRconference_2011_ClaireBronson

graphic recording – capturing ideas in words and images

Graphic recording involves deep listening to capture the spirit and content of a keynote speaker, plenary session or any important conversation.This visual method of data capture offers you some unique benefits:

  • Keeps ideas in the room long after words have faded away
  • Encourages attendees to go deeper into the content and spark up new conversations with other attendees.k
  • Creates the perfect follow-up to an event to remind attendees of ideas shared and can be added to reports and websites. Or create a visual booklet to further creative reflection.
visual maps to synthesize and reflect contentStrengths and Assets map for Tacoma Pierce County Health DepartmentSurvey Info map for Dell ComputersPuyallup Watershed Celebrations & Aspirations map for The Russell Family FoundationLearning Themes map for Pangea Global GivingEPA Tribal Leaders summt OpenSpaceSessions_Recommendations050112smPegasusNW_SystemsThinking_CafeHarvest_012611World Cafe harvest synthesis map for The Washington Association of Sewer and Water DistrictsOSR_preventmap

visual maps to synthesize and reflect content

Visual maps highlight what's important following your event, or prepare an audience in advance. Pre and post events assist with:

  • Remind attendees of the spirit and content of your meeting/workshop/conference, or get them excited about the next one.
  • Synthesize the overwhelming amounts of information that are delivered verbally.
  • Set a creative and engaging tone for your event from start to finish ... including follow-up!
creating your personal vision Visual goal settingCreating a desired future

creating your personal vision

Together, we co-create an image of your personal vision that serves to help you:

  • Harness the power of your "visual" brain to see goals come to life.
  • Increase understanding of your current reality.
  • Identify the steps needed to move closer to your vision..